Information Industry

from by The New World Ancients

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People want things they can hold, explain the visionless.
But you can sell anything, your options are limitless
Even reality can be a commodity.

The foolish will say you can’t sell the intangible.
Reach into the ether and make it profitable,
Cast your net into the sky

Technology gives you an empowering sensation
But your every move is a calculation
This is the Age of Information.

Ethereal pioneers are making up rules that you'll soon follow.
And all the ethics will follow behind.

Control the medium, control the message
Control the message, you can control the mind.
One word at a time.

Chips in your forehead, cables in your spine.
Never have to ask anyone for the time.
You won’t have to ask for anything at all.

The message is not open for interpretation.
Progress is merely a simplification.
This is the Age of Information.

We don't want your money, we just want your information.
We don't want your body, we just want your information.
We don't want your conversation, we just want your information.

Mind commands
Network Analysis
Virtual omnipresence
Pulse, blood pressure, and facial expressions
Social Graphs
Ubiquitous computer technology
Complex action motion sensors
Brain Prosthesis
Obsolete social connections
Movement profiles
Spy Software
Behavioral mathematical formulas
Real-time Interface
Redefining value and influence
Reality mining
Space-time module
Nanosecond information exchange
Network cloud
Dream Machines
Hyper-speed opportunities
Comprehensive world language implants
Conceivable futuristic fantasy
Feverish bioelectronic revolution

(Go get Grandpa down at the Nostalgia Chamber.
And find your sister, she shut off her positioning system.
Tell your father to get off the robot whore,
and plug yourself in for dinner.)


from Temporal Beast, released October 4, 2012
Composed by: Andrew Yearick, Nicholas Chupein
Performed by: Andrew Yearick, Nicholas Chupein, Hiroshi Yasuda, Elizabeth Murphy, Rob Pleshar, Glenn M. Behr, Apolline Racle, Theo Henry, M. James Kane, Aurore Liebart, Lindsey Pruett-Smith, Andrew Zelm, Will Dickinson, Catherina Chupein



all rights reserved


The New World Ancients Chicago, Illinois

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